Everything you Need to Know Before Travelling to Armenia

Do you want to enjoy the mesmerizing landscape of Vorotan Canyon? Or do you want to go on the world's longest cable car ride? Or do you want to admire some of the oldest monasteries on record? There is a place where you can get all these things together, and that is Armenia.

Once you've visited Armenia, you will wonder why people are not often adding this place on their bucket list. The tour of Armenia and Georgia offers you mesmerizing landscape, unparalleled hospitality, and ancient monuments.

A short introduction of Armenia

This place is not known by many tourists, which is surprising because it is such a fascinating country with an incredibly rich, old, eventful, beautiful and exciting history. The delicious food and low prices with a lack of tourists make it a fantastic destination to visit.


The language that is usually spoken by the peoples of Armenia is Armenian; you will find very few people who can speak or understand English. But no need to worry if a person knows the Russian language he or she can adjust there. The good thing is that the road sign there are in Armenian and English and most of the accommodation providers try to speak English.


Armenia offers a refreshing, delicious and, variety of cuisine. Their lots of dishes are made from meat. The exciting thing about their cuisine is that the people of this place grill or barbeque everything including vegetables. When you visit Armenia, you can smell the fragrance of barbeque everywhere. The typical dishes are eggplant, yogurt, grape leaves, cottage cheese, and some fragrant spices.


The currency used here is Armenian Dram. Holiday in this place is a low compatible budget with cheap food, accommodation, and other stuff.


This place is famous for its delicious craft beer, but the specialty lies in wine and cognac. Armenia and Georgia are grape cultivating counties from ancient time. As a result, they are the oldest wine producing counties. They offer some of the best quality wines. Hence, make sure to try them for at least for once. There are many vineyards and factories throughout the country open for visitors where you can go and taste wine.

Places to visit in Armenia

Now when you know the basics of the country, it's time to know about some places which you can visit during the trip:


Yerevan is the capital of Armenia that is full of Soviet buildings with street-side cafes. Many facades of this place are new, the park and pedestrianized streets make you feel like European capital with a little Russian vibe. There are also some excellent museums, some viewpoint and weekend flea market giving you a pleasing view of the city.

Nightlife in Yerevan:

The city is full of pubs, clubs, bars and crazy parties all the venues are located in the city center. In case you don't like one, there is always an option for you to experience an unforgettable time in Yerevan. The main problem a person will face is that most of the bars are in the basement of a residential building with the unconstructive entrance.


This town is popularly known as the Switzerland of Armenia. This small town has lush green forest and hill that makes it great for hiking so if you are the one who wants to go hiking this place is for you. The zip line is another option for adventure lovers.

Garni and Geghard

This is quite a particular area of the country with monasteries, rock formation, temple and plenty of hiking opportunities. If you are visiting Garni make sure to take a walk to visit the incredible symphony of stones. These symphony of stones have been naturally formed hexagonal rocks fit together makes an awe-inspiring spectacle.


Tatev monastery is a famous attraction in Armenia; it has the most extended cable cart in the world. The tourist board and local foundation spent a lot of money in the construction of this nonstop double track cable car. You can arrive in Tatev by cable cart take a look at the monastery and return. It is a bit pricey by well worthy. However, you can see Voroton canyon on the way that is also worth to know if you are in Armenia.

After reading everything in detail about the country Armenia, one must have understood that it is a country of diverse culture, heritage and lot more. A visit to this place is must as it is one of those destinations which promise the tourist for the best traveling experience.

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