Exciting Things to Do in Georgia!

Are you planning a trip to Georgia this year? If yes, then you are making the right decision! There's a lot more to do here, and it's a perfect place where one can capture sweet memories. There are many beautiful attractions that can persuade you to visit Georgia.

It is a place which is surrounded by the Black Sea, majestic mountain ranges, mesmerizing waterfalls and many other beauties of nature. This blog will let you know some beautiful attractions and places you visit to make Georgia tour  a remarkable one. Happy Reading!

Chattahoochee National Forest

This forest covers around 750,000 acres and this beautiful area is surrounded by lakes and big waterfalls which makes it a perfect place for people who enjoys the beauty of nature or who are in love with nature. During the hot summer season, this area is ideal for camping, kayaking, hiking and much more.

Relax on a beach in Batumi

If you are visiting the place during summers, nothing can be better than planning a party in Batumi. By visiting this place, you will feel like you're enjoying a trip to Singapore. Why? Due to its modern architecture! So, if you are the one who desires to enjoy your time in the stunning hills, then head to this place to enjoy the summer uniquely. It's the most fantastic place that one can visit in Georgia.

Fall in love with Sighnaghi

This is a perfect place for wine lovers. It's a small town which is bounded by vineyards, colorful houses and much more. On the way to this fantastic place Sighnaghi, planning to visit David Gareja, one of the most famous monasteries' complex located in Georgia's desert area. In Sighnaghi do not forget to try the local wine. Since Georgians make the wine in their traditional style that one should not miss.

Visit chronicle of Georgia

At times, people forget about this beautiful monument. You may not be able to identify first what is it, but after visiting you will come to know more about this monument. The memorial is not only attractive because of the beautiful scenes surrounding it but also because of the pillars of this monument are the decorative scenes. This place gives a very peaceful vibe and there is no fee for entering the memorial.


It's a perfect travel spot that every person will love. Here, everyone can explore something like their tastes easily. You can visit Trinity church there, which is located at 2170m height. While visiting the place do not forget to go to the Gergeti Glacier. There are many guesthouses with beautiful locations that one can find there during the night.


This is the most fantastic place that one can visit as it's unique in its way. You will not see western chains like McDonalds or KFC there, but you will observe numerous local stalls. Wooden balconies, Byzantine churches, and enthralling art pieces and architecture will make you lost in the beauty of this city.

One can also visit the market around this area just for a beautiful experience.

Canyons and National Parks

The beauty of Georgia is beyond your expectations. The place has beautiful canyons as well as national parks where hiking and camping lovers can spend their quality time with their friends or family members. The most amazing ones are Lagodekhi and Borjomi Kharagauli national park!

If you want to walk less then you can enjoy the stunning nature of the place. There are many canyons that you can visit like Martvili, Okatse and much more.


This place is famous for summer hiking as well as horse trekking that one can enjoy at the fullest. The roads are quite long, but the beautiful views will hold your attention after every second. It's an ideal place for those who love hiking; However, you can also enjoy a small jeep tour if you want to see the main attractive villages of that area.

Stay in an old Soviet sewing factory

For a beautiful experience, stay in Fabrika hostel, which was earlier, a big sewing factory. Now it has been changed into a cafe, bar, hostel and the entire building has a big courtyard which is filled with restaurants, startups, etc.

To enjoy all these things spend your night at this beautiful place.

Visit Bakhmaro

Located 2,000 meters just above the sea level it's the most beautiful mountainous climatic resort. Apart from appealing pine forests, the entire area has small cottages that makes it a perfect place for visitors.

The perfect time for visiting this place is between June-Sep since the majority of the activities here are outdoors.

See Georgia's ancient capital from above

Mtskheta is 30 minutes from Tbilisi, the town is quite small, and one can explore it quickly in a single day. Jvari monastery to the town of the top.


Many people are not aware of the fact that one can enjoy a lot in Georgia during cold chilly months. The country offers cheap and beautiful ski slopes during the cold winter season. Enjoying the skiing in Tbilisi's baths can make your trip all these things in Georgia thoroughly.

Eat Khachapuri

If you are a food lover, then you must eat khachapuri which is known as 'king of Georgian food'! It comes in many forms and is simply cheese bread. The most famous variety out of all that one should try is an adjarian version, 'boat shape bread topped with delicious melted cheese and egg.

Do not forget to try this amazing dish in Georgia.

Final insights

Hope you have enjoyed this blog and it helped you in knowing more about the Georgia tour. Georgia, no doubt, is the dream place that you will definitely adore. The whole country is surrounded by attractive areas, picturesque valleys, giant mountain ranges, museums, and much more. One must definitely visit this fantastic place to make their trip a memorable one.

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