Experience of Joy that Will Make You Fall in Love with Tbilisi, Georgia

Do you know about Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia? As a travel enthusiast, I was also not aware of this place a few years ago, but once I visited this place, I fell in love with this place. It is known as the destination for solid food, the comfortable going locals and also appreciated for its progressive politics. Over the last few years, Tbilisi Tourism  has been flourishing as this place experiences an influx of tourists.

I was going to stay there for about two weeks. Before going there, I had no clue where I would wait and how to book the accommodation first. So what I did, I contacted a wonderful tour company there and got to know how to plan things. They helped me a lot to shape my entire journey in the Tbilisi.

The initial few days I took to recover from fatigue caused by cruise journey around the Mediterranean Sea by merely taking some rest.

And as you know, I like to visit a place without any expectations so I did not investigate the things about do in Tbilisi. The reason I choose Georgia because I was very impressed by my first experience of visiting Batumi, another place in Georgia. Moreover, I was planning to attend two other neighboring Armenia and Azerbaijan for a long time. So it was a twin opportunity came to me, and I grabbed it.

The small town of Tbilisi is cut through the River Mtkvari and it features some small mountains. I have got to know that there are a significant number of Iranian populations here who had migrated long back. On the side of the river is a old town located around Davit Agmashenebeli Avenue, the main avenue in the historical part of Tbilisi.

I have found there many bars, restaurants and coffee shops located in the street and you can experience them during your visit.

Diverse culture in the area, visiting a little Iran

I must say I experienced cultural diversity there. You can smoke Shisha or Hookah, which is popular here and sip great tea and you will know the difference in their cultures. This place is called a little Iran by many local Georgian people because of the large number of Iranian populations. However, on the same road, you will find a strip club with people enjoying their alcohol.

Many such affordable local restaurants are also in Tbilisi, which offers excellent food. You can take a walk to the southeast end of Davit Agmashenebeli Avenue towards Saarbrücken Square and there you will find the lively 24 hour restaurant tiflis.

This restaurant is not to miss because of the mouthwatering local authentic kitchens at an affordable rate. It has an outside terrace that is where you can hang out.

I would recommend you to see some places in Georgia. Of course, Kazbegi must be in your priority list always.

Places to stay in Tbilisi


It is a renowned hotel around Davit Agmashenebeli Avenue with a spacious balcony overlooking the vibrant pedestrian street. The rooms are affordably priced. However, the atmosphere gets noisy in the closing of the bars at 1.30 am.


One of the most prominent hotels in the area, Fabrika is world-wide from the tourists. I stayed at the hotel for one night, and the experience was awesome. This hotel features a co-working space which I appreciate so much and must include the multi-cuisine restaurants and bars in its courtyard.

However, I found this hotel to be far away from the Old Tbilisi, but it gives you an excellent opportunity to hang out in Little Iran.

I am a coffee lover so everywhere I go, I start looking for places where I can sip the best coffee. The same thing happened to my Georgia visit as well.  

Best coffee in Tbilisi

Although the Torchere Cafe on Marjanishvili Square does not feature an impressive interior yet, they offer the best coffee in the town. The place provides a good WIFI connection, and I often appeared during the whole stay to finish some of my pending office work.

Barbarestan Restaurant

This restaurant is located around the Marjanishvili Square. This is a favorite restaurant though very expensive. This place has a strange structure and you need to make a reservation for this place. The interior in their basement section is extraordinarily charming and romantic. The food may not be that wonderful, but it is the vibe there that attracts tourists a lot.  

They have an exciting story which talks about them by finding a hundred years old full of recipes written by a lady somewhere in the mountains. So they became popular serving those recipes which are initially found in this book.

Wines were good, and I had a great stay there. If you are with your partner and want to explore this place, you must make a reservation in advance.

What should you miss?

I would say never miss to take a trip to the black sea which is one of the best attractions there. Batumi is there, and this is a must visit the place. You will find various luxury hotels and also affordable accommodation options such as guest houses, hotels, etc.

Here are some tips about old travel tips

I spent many days on one side of Tbilisi. I went to visit the early part of this town, which I must say is very lively and attractive. I got to see those old buildings and those cobblestoned streets in the area. I just roamed around there for a long time. You can unwind the roads around the square and stroll around Rustaveli Avenue.

I would suggest these places to stay in old Tbilisi


Samba hotel is built on a historical publishing house and one of the best hotels in Tbilisi. However, this place is not that cheap, but if you do not mind a few bucks extra, then you must try this place. I look astonished to see how beautifully they convert modern interiors into a beautiful urban styled place.

I want to tell you guys I had a lunch and drink over there with a moderately priced restaurant inside. Outwardly it might look an excellent dining place, but the prices were affordable

Then at night, I felt like having some drink, so I went out to Lolita bar. The main attraction to this place was the courtyard covered entirely in plants. It gave me a cozy feeling, and I liked the area. Many other such cheap outlets are their road-side where you can customize your meal by pointing out the ingredients they have.

I spot a lot of local bars and restaurants in the square and Europe square, two of the largest squares in Georgia. These are the liveliest places in the area irrespective of day and night.

Not until the 6th day of my journeying to Tbilisi, I started the sightseeing.

Local sightseeing

Ananuri monastery is a must visit tourist attraction here. You need to be some adventurous kind to be able to climb up to the top of the castle to have a great view.

Then there comes the bridge of peace which covered right after my visit to the monastery. It is a walking bridge over the river Kura. People were taking a river trip there. But the walk was an excellent experience for me.

Last but not least the most remarkable tourist spot is the Holy Trinity Church. This is one of the most significant Orthodox churches in the present day.

What a breathtaking view I have seen about the old city of the monastery the old Orthodox monastery!

I would suggest you to hire a driver to have a tour of the essential tourist points in Tbilisi.

I hope my account of Tbilisi will help you when you plan to visit this place.

As you plan a trip, you do not need to postpone. Contact a quality Tbilisi tourism company and accurately prepare your trip. This will save you from unnecessary expenses during the tour.

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