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Are you fond of tasting variety of wine and brandies? If yes, then plan a trip to Georgia this year. On your journey to Georgia, you will taste some unique wine in Kakheti, which is a region of eastern Georgia. This place is famous as the region of wine for unique and award-winning brandies and wine. Georgia and its main towns like Telavi, Gurjaani, Manavi, Napareuli and many more are well known for producing wine. When you spent time in Georgia, you are fortunate to see the different regions of the country. From these regions, Kakheti is the important one. Apart from welcoming wine, Kakheti has local cuisine, fortresses, churches, and scenery. In short, it is a place which will compel the travel to take the Kakheti Tour .

Ujarma fortress:

King Vakhtang Gorgasali established the Urjama Fortress in the 5th Century. This place is located between Telavi and Tbilisi, also 40 km from Georgia. Urjama fortress has been hidden from the eyes until the tour until 2010, but after the road was built by Telavi, this place has become a major attraction and must visit the spot many visitors.

Gombori pass:

When you continue your journey through Kakheti, you will travel along the Gombori pass. This is the highest spot at 1600 meters on the way to Telavi. The roads of Gombori give this place more value as it has endless turnouts, drastic changes of elevation and air pressure. The streets are spectacular throughout the year. The small idyllic villages, panoramic view, ancient forest, a sea of ​​clouds and mountains are just a short list of what awaits you on this road. Georgia is a small country, yet this place has five climate zones, some of which you can experience when climbing the Gombori pass.

Alazani valley:

Alazani valley

Alazani valley is one of the famous wine regions of Kakheti, and most of the people don't know that Kakheti produces three-quarters of the country's wine grapes. The grapes of this region are sweeter than anywhere else in Georgia because of the slightly warmer climate. Alazani is famous for its Alazani wine that goes well with nuts, fruits, and desserts.

Alaverdi Cathedral:

Aalaverdi cathedral is known as the second tallest religious building in Georgia for centuries. Father Joseph founded this monastery in the 6th century. The cathedral was built on the spot of church St George. The cathedral was destroyed several times by invaders. The first restoration was done in the 15th century and the second was in the 18th century after the damage of dome by the earthquake. The rebuilding and restoration made slight changes to the shape of the cathedral, but Alaverdi remains an excellent example of medieval Georgian architecture. The cathedral was built in a rectangular shape with a dome on the center surrounded by a fortress wall. The outdoor of the cathedral is less impressive then the interior and the frescoes there become faded. Many frescoes washed away when the dome collapsed.

Gremi church

: Gremi was an important royal town in the 15th century, but now only church and citadel remains. The rest was destroyed in 1616 when Georgian rebelled against Persians. The frescoes from 1577 were scratched off, after some decades. The tour of Gremi will take you to the monument of Georgian architecture, and Gremi castle is one of the symbols of rich Georgian history. The journey towards this church will give you a breathtaking panorama view.

Nekresi monastery:

Nekresi monastery

A person can see Nekresi monasteries from the road while driving through Kakheti. This place also has an exciting story. It is meant that pigs made this monastery famous. Once a Muslim army was invading, and the people got an idea of releasing pigs down the hillside. The plan worked, and the army retreated at the sight of a pig. After this event Nekresi monastery become the only Christian church in Georgia where pigs can be sacrificed. The monastery offers a magnificent view of the Alazani valley located on the top of the mountain. For reaching the monastery you must overcome a steep of 3 km climb up of the mountain, but for the visiting, this ancient shrine 3km is not an obstacle.


Sighnaghi is also the unique town in Kakheti. This place is unique because the walls surrounding the city were well preserved. Sighnaghi is known as the city of love by the local and tourist, and this place got this name because the couple come here to get married. People like to visit this place for food, wine, and scenery.

Final words:

If you are a fond of the exploring history, stories and wine these places are must visit by you. The beauty of green mountains and the thousand-year old history of Georgia will reward you with the best trip ever.

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