Full Day Wine Tour in Kakheti from Georgia: An Experience to Remember


Georgia is known as the cradle of winemaking. It produces wonderful wines, which are exported around the world. The people living in Georgia started winemaking around 8000 years ago and there are a lot of evidences that prove this fact. They also produce 500 varieties of grapes. 'Wine' is derived from the Georgian language in which it is called ' Ghvino '.

If you are planning a trip to Georgia, then also a full-day wine tour to Kakheti from Tbilisi. Kakheti is located in the eastern part of Georgia, which is famous for the fertile land that cultivates varieties of grapes. In this place, wine producers still use ancient methods of storage and fermenting wine. Grape juice with leaves and bones is stored in special quarev jars, which are then buried in the ground. Archaeologists have discovered winemaking clay vessels dating back to 5th-4th BC from this region.

Start the Full Day Wine Tour to the Kakheti from Tbilisi

When you visit the local winery by private car, the trip will take around 9 to 10 hours. On the way you will be able to see beautiful views all along. With mountains and the road overlooking, you will get a scenic view of the winery khareba, which is about 7 km long man-made tunnel under mountain range in Kakheti town and about 85 km from Tbilisi. After some of the stops in the city of Sighnaghi the lover's city, David Gareja monastery, Lopota lake, then you will reach Khareba winery.


Packages at Khareba Winery:

Khareba winery offers different packages for visitors to know about the place. These packages are available at varied prices and include various things:

First package : In this package, you will only get to the tunnels and it does not include wine-tasting.

Second package: In this package, you will visit the tunnel as well as you can taste any 2 types of qvevri wine.

Third package: In this one you can take a feel of the Georgian life, where they offer 4 types of wines with baking of Georgian bread

The fourth package: This package is almost the same as the third package, the only addition is that they offer 3 add on varieties of wine to taste and barbeque.

If you have an English and Georgian speaking guide then it will be better, but if you did not hire any guide then hire one, because the local Georgian people do not understand English and other languages. The guide will help you know about wines and their production.


When you enter the winery they will provide you the blankets at the entrance as the temperature of the Caucasus. There are 15 manmade tunnels which are interconnected to each other and have a natural temperature of 10 - 11 degree Celsius all year around. After visiting the tunnels and know about the winemaking process, you will come to the part where you can taste the wine. This area of ​​the tunnel is lightly dimmed with many varieties of Georgian cheese and wine.

After tasting the wine the guide will take you to the small elevator from the turquoise of the countryside, fields of grapes, farms surrounding Khareba winery. At the exit of the winery, you will find a small shop that sells wines, cognac, grape oil, and natural forest honey.

Some interesting places to visit Kakheti:

There are two types of Kakheti tours; One is Large Circle and second is the Small Circle. If you have limited time, you can choose the Small Circle, in which you will get the Georgian wine, the main sights of the city like the Gombori pass with the panorama to the Alazani valley. Also, you can see the medieval fortress of Ujarma and Chavchavadze man in Tsinandali. Your next stop will be Telavi, which is the capital of Kakheti and is one of the cosiest and the warmest cities with old cellars of factories. All the factories have degustation halls where anyone can try the flavours of wine. The last stop of your small circle is Sighnaghi; This place is ideal for a romantic trip with unforgettable sunsets and a glass of wine.


Things included in the Large Circle are a visit to the monastery complex, David Gareji, of Gremi Castle. This is an amazing castle with a beautiful view of the vineyard valley. One of the interesting places in Kakheti is Kharebi wine cellar of the wine tunnel Khareba wine factory. The tunnel can store more than 25,000 bottles of wine.

Final Words:

Kakheti is the place that attracts thousands of wine connoisseurs from around the world. Here you can meet famous wine producers and have a tour of the famous chateaux. To enjoy the aroma of varieties of wine it is worth spending a whole week in Kakheti.

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