Georgia The Hidden Gem

Are you a travel freak and love visiting places around the globe? If the answer is yes, plan a visit to Georgia this year. This place will indeed give you an experience worth cherishing. You can capture all the beautiful memories of the trip in your camera to relive the magic of this wonderful place, whenever you feel travelling back.

It is a place which is surrounded by the Black Sea, majestic mountain ranges, mesmerizing waterfalls and many other beauties of nature. This blog will let you know some beautiful attractions and places you visit to make Georgia tour a remarkable one.

Locating Georgia

Is Georgia in Europe or in Asia? Well, it’s debatable if Georgia is in Europe or Asia because the country is on the frontier between the continents. Though, the border between Asia and Europe is a historical and cultural construct, defined by convention. Georgia is closer to Europe in social, aesthetic as well as cultural context.

Safety, not a cause of worry

Safety is not a cause of concern, when travelling to Georgia. Nothing unpleasant or weird is expected in this rather quite place, there are children playing at night on the streets at night. So stay rest assured of the safety of your peers travelling to Georgia

Enjoy the natural splendor

Georgia is a country that is said to be in the lap of nature and is just perfect for nature lovers. Black sea beaches, lush mountains, caves and green valleys make this place, a perfect spot for the travelers and they will always find themselves amidst lush-green trees.

The Chattahoochee National Forest covers around 750,000 acres and this beautiful area is surrounded by lakes and big waterfalls which makes it a perfect place for people who enjoys the beauty of nature or who are in love with nature. During the hot summer season, this area is ideal for camping, kayaking, hiking and much more.

A land of wine

There is no better way to relax than having a glass of good wine and enjoying the scenic beauty, if you are having a long time affair with wine, than you should definitely visit Georgia, the land of wine. It has been a place which has the tradition of making wine for as long as 8000 years. Sighnagi is a place to visit for wine lovers as the town is full of vineyards. The local Georgian wine is worth giving a shot because it is an authentic and traditional style wine that is unique in itself.

Tummy Tight stuff

Food is one thing that makes a visit more special, because if your tummy is full with tasty stuff you can enjoy every moment to the fullest.

If you want to treat your taste buds some exotic dishes, then this place is perfect for you. Here a person can experience local as well as traditional cuisines. The best thing is that, whether you grab a bite on the street or an elite fine dine place, the taste will remain yummy. The Georgian food is over the top in spice content, topped with herbs. The dishes like Khachapuri and Khinkali are the flag bearers of the Georgian cuisine. If you love sweet things, then you can try the Churchkhela-nuts cooked in delicious grape juice.

Kazbegi is a perfect travel spot that has something in store for everyone. Here, everyone can explore something or the other. Trinity church, which is located at 2170m height, is a major attraction of this place. Gergeti Glacier cannot be given a miss, while you are in the city. There are many guesthouses, which are spread round the city with beautiful locations, which provide a perfect accommodation for a night stay.

Spicing it up with adventure

Adventure adds a little more spice to any trip because it has a wow factor that interest most people to try them out. Walking, trekking and horse riding in the ruggedly beautiful Tusheti region of Georgia reveals rustic lifestyles and vast vistas stretching across the border into Russia.

One can enjoy and experience Ski in the chilly weather. The country offers cheap and beautiful ski slopes. Enjoying the skiing in Tbilisi's baths can make your experience a memorable one.

Relax and Rejuvenation

In the capital city of Georgia, Tbilisi, one can enjoy the nightlife in clubs, recreational parks as well as museums. You can always plan a party in Batumi beach, surely this will rejuvenate your senses and you would definitely think that you're enjoying a trip to Singapore. Why? Due to its modern architecture! So, if you are the one who desires to enjoy your time in the stunning hills, then head to this place to enjoy the summer uniquely. It's the most fantastic place that one can visit in Georgia.

The Final Opinion

Georgia is certainly not a famous tourist destination as if now, but surely possesses all the ingredients to become a traveler’s paradise in the time to come. So visit this hidden gem before anyone else and experience a cozy vacation.

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