Trip to Borjomi- Witness the Scenic Beauty Yourself Rather Than Hearing About it

Planning a trip this summer? Embrace yourself for a trip to Borjomi this time. You will definitely become a nature lover by witnessing its scenic beauty. With all its natural beauty and serene ambiance, this place has become one of the best tourist destinations. In this blog we will talk about why you can take a 4-day trip to this place.   

Why Choose Borjomi for Vacationing

If you are obsessed with traveling to different places then plan a trip to Borjomi this time. You have planned for the trip nearly 6 months earlier. Search for all the spots there that you want to see. Visit the healing spring and the ancient sculptures and explore the tremendous beauty of the place, which is also clearly visible in the pictures of the place. The charming and vibrant spa centers, the low Caucasus Mountains are the most popular spots for tourists here. One of the great things about the place is the ancient Tsar's baths with sulphur, which was enjoyed by the royal families only and was an exclusive privilege for them. Although today it has become a famous tourist destination, the beliefs of the people regarding this place are still very strong.

One thing that every traveller always cares about is the favourable climate and Borjomi satisfies this requirement. It has a temperate climate unlike other places in Georgia. Hence, it gathers more attention of the visitors. At times people are willing to undertake adventurous activities on their holiday trips in the form of mountaineering, hiking, etc. You can participate in such activities in Borjomi as well. If you want to discover the trails of hiking, you can visit Kharagauli National Park. It has the ruins of a fortress and is located near the Chkherimela River Gorge.

If you're worrying about the transport system, then this place will leave you with more relieving results. Because of the arrival of thousands of tourists every year, accommodation is easily available here. You can find taxi or cab service too in every nook and corner. You can also hire them for visiting tourist places. They provide adequate information about the place which may be unknown to you. Restaurants are a major attraction of the place. In our trip, we also visited many famous places in Georgia and the cab service we had hired very cooperative and helped us know about the place throughout.

4 Days in Borjomi-Spend the Best Time of Your Life

Here is how you can build a trip to a 4 day trip to Borjomi, which will help you explore the place and also enjoy this place has to offer:

Day 1: Your 1st day would be spent checking the hotel and making other arrangements; if you finally manage to take out some time then you can go for an outing in the evening. If it is too late to visit any tourist spot, then you can enjoy the famous dishes and cuisines. As most people love to experience the best things they visit, this decision will make you and your family members forget about the day-long tiring journey to Borjomi. You can have a Kachapuri (Georgian Cheese bread), Jonjoli, Qatmis (Chicken Salad) with Nadugi (one of the famous Georgian drink). Do not miss out on stuffed vine leaves that are absolutely delicious to eat is sure to leave you wanting for more. Your 1st day would end with a wonderful food experience.

Day 2: When you wake up on the 2nd day, get ready and have your breakfast in the hotel itself. The days here are categorized into two parts- before and after rain. Most of the people miss experiencing rainy days in Georgia. But if you go there is the right time of year, you may even be able to experience rain. You can hire a luxury car to visit the different places on this day. Go to Mtkvari River, Petre Fortress, Romanov Palace and walk along the tracks. This day would be exciting and fun-filled. After visiting all these places come back to the hotel at around 7o 'clock in the evening.

Day 3: After spending 2 days in traveling and visiting places, get ready to experience something relaxing. A lot of spas here offer relaxing massage sessions. In fact, it is one of the best specialties of the place. So, on the 3rd day go to a spa or call one of them to send their masseur to your hotel. You can enjoy the session with the feel of sunlight coming across the window in your hotel room. All your stress, tension, tiredness, etc. would be wiped off quickly. How of the can with spend Ads your 3 thank you is smiling in This rd of a day to remember in a Borjomi is.

Day 4: On the 4th day, which will be your last day in Borjomi, go out for some fun activities like hiking, diving, mountaineering, etc. This day would be filled with excitement and happiness as you would enjoy a lot. After a visit to your hotel, leave for your home.

You can get the best travel packages for your Borjomi Tour with Travel door, through which you can provide a comfortable trip. With Travel Door you will not bother about booking of hotels or cabs or any other arrangements. Visit Borjomi and explore the beauty and amazing culture of the place.

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