Travel Door L.L.C. is an inbound travel agency funded by a team of creative young individuals in March 2017, who, since then is working for provision of different types of tourism servicesto travelers who wish to travel and Explore Caucasus Region. Our field of work includes M.I.C.E., Wellness, Pilgrim, Cultural, Adventure, Hiking, Speleo, Wine, Gastronomy, Halal and Luxury Tourism for the travelers who have different and unique demands and requirements for their planned vacations.

Travel Door Provides the different types of services which are necessary for International Travelers who want to visit Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. These Services range anywhere from creation and planning of travel Itineraries; different social and special events or activities; provision of transportation and guiding services, to booking of the hotels, apartments and accommodation.

Our Office, including your operators and reservation department mostly operates in English Language, since the language is most commonly used throughout the world. Although we have a great team of Guides which work in different languages upon demand, including English, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, Spanish, French, Polish and Russian.

The exact address of our Head office is: 7 Tsotne Dadiani Street,“Karvasla Business Center”, 3rd Floor, Office #B308/1; 0101 Tbilisi, Georgia.

Travel Door works for different regions and countries around the world. Most of our customers are traveling from Gulf Countries, Middle East, Asia, and Europe.

Travel Door Services and resources cover the countries of South Caucasus Region, Including Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia.

For any personwho holds the GCC residence card, regardless of nationality, the visa is on arrival in Georgia and it is free of Charge. The documents that you have to carry with you in order to meet all the requirements are the following: 1) Passports 2) GCC residence Card (with English translation if it is not written in English letters too) 3) Return flight tickets 4) Hotel reservations during the time of your stay (we will provide) 5) Travel insurance (we' can provide for additional 10$ per person)

G.C.C. stands for Gulf Cooperation Council. It is a political and economic alliance of six Middle Eastern countries—Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman.

Are Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijanare located in the Caucasus Region. The Caucasus is an area situated between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea and occupied by Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia. This area is located between Greater Caucasus and Lower Caucasus mountain range, which has historically been considered a natural barrier between Eastern Europe and Western Asia.

As of today none of these three countries are part of Schengen Zone, therefore it is impossible for foreign travelers to cross the border of adjacent country. Each country has the visa requirements of their own and they should be strictly followed by every traveler.

The Winter Season usually starts from late November and continues to Mid-April. Although the Skiing Resorts are available from Mid-December, till the End of March.

Summer Season starts in Georgia from May and continues all the way till the end of September. Although the Beach resorts near the coastline of Black Sea areavailable from June to Mid-September.

Since Caucasus region is located on the edge of Subtropical and Temperate Zones, it is an overall pleasant temperature during the whole year in most of the parts of the region. In summer the temperature varies from +30 to +40 °C while in Winter the temperatures vary from -10°C to +10°C depending on your location, obviously the higher mountains are more chilly than lower areas of the countries, where the Capital cities of all three countries are located.

Visa Processing is a responsibility of the Immigration Services and Ministry of Foreign affairs of the relevant country. Visas must be applied individually by the applicants themselves and their cases are reviewed individually, no Agency or individual can affect these procedures in any matter since they are independently processed by the Governmental Institutions.

As of today according to regulations of Georgian Immigration Services, Travel Insurance is Mandatory for all international travelers who would like to visit Georgia. As for Armenia and Azerbaijan, Travel Insurance, - although recommended, is NOT mandatory for international travelers.

Passport is an International Travel Document, which must be valid for at least 6 months prior to your visit to Georgia, Azerbaijan or Armenia. You can check the Expiry Date of your travel document in Primary page of your passport where the person’s ID picture is located.

According to the requirements of Georgian Immigration Services, for people who want to apply for visa on Arrival with G.C.C. Residence ID Card, your G.C.C. Residence Card must be must be valid for the time of your stay in Georgia, meaning that it should not expire while you are traveling in Georgia.

There are number of Airline Companies which have flights to Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia from different cities of G.C.C. Countries, including: AirArabia, Gulf Air, Fly Dubai, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, Pegasus, Emirates.

On Average, Direct Flights from any Gulf countries to the Caucasus countries take around 3 to 4 Hours.

Between most of the Gulf Countries and South Caucasus Countries there is no Time difference or one Hour Difference, Caucasus being one hour ahead.

Capital City of Georgia is Tbilisi; Capital City of Armenia is Yerevan; Capital City of Azerbaijan is Baku.

Since Azerbaijan is a Muslim dominant country, halal food is Accessible all around the country. In Georgia, around 12% of the local population is Muslim; therefore Halal food is available in almost every region of Georgia except several minor cities. As for Armenia, absolute Majority of the local population are Christian, therefore Halal food is not accessible in most regions except Capital city of Armenia.

There are no restrictions of Alcoholic beverages. Purchasing, Keeping and Consumption of Alcohol is legal in all three countries, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. All three countries are also very proud of their winemaking traditions and unique types of wine, liquor and spirits, although Georgia, officially being the oldest wine-making country in the world has a lot more to offer in these terms than other two countries.

All three countries Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan have the languages of their own, Georgian, Armenian, and Azerbaijani respectively. Although,most of the population speak one or two more languages. Most of Georgians speak English, Russian or both as their second language. Most of Armenians speak Russian as their Second Language. And most of Azeri’s speak Russian, Turkish or both as their second language.

Group tours are shared with other people who are traveling from different countries of the world, meaning that you will be joining a group of other people for the tours which take place daily in different locations. Private tours are held in a privately customized program for an individual traveler, families or group of friends which are customized as per their requirements and are more flexible for the travelers who want to explore everything at their own phase.

Since Caucasus region has overall pleasant temperature throughout the year it depends entirely on the travelers’ preference when they want to travel and what they want to see. Caucasus region has a lot to offer, starting from deserts to vast forests, to plain fields to high mountains, summer beaches and winter ski resorts. So depending on what you like, you can definitely find it here.

In all three countries the currencies are different; they only accept their national currency for the payments. Georgia uses Georgian Lari as a national currency. Armenia uses Armenian Drahm as a national currency. Azerbaijan Uses Azerbaijani Manat as a national currency. Your local currency can be changed upon arrival in any of these countries, although we recommend you to carry U.S. dollars with you, since it is the most commonly used currency internationally and exchange rates are better comparing to other currencies.

All three countries are famous for their traditions of hospitality, and are very proud of that. Therefore all the international travelers are very welcome to all of these countries. Local people tend to be very friendly for foreigners and always willing to give a helping hand when needed. As for the safety Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia are ranked in top safest countries for tourists for past decade.

All three countries have unique cuisine although you might find some similarities since historically these three countries have been in a close ties with each other. There are no restrictions of the consumption of the food in any of these countries. There are many different options for Vegans, Vegetarians and Meat lovers. Halal food is also widely available in Georgia and Azerbaijan, as well as in some parts of Armenia.

Depending what you like, all three countries are quite budget friendly for all international travelers. All three of them have different options to offer to everyone, starting from backpackers who want to travel cheap, to the luxury travelers who can afford much more.