10 Nights 11 Days Private Tour in Georgia

10 Nights and 11 Days package gives the opportunity to explore Georgia Completely. From its Eastern Region, full of wineyards and vallies, from Western Region along Black Sea Coast-line and uniqe flora, From Eastern cave-towns and ancient cities, to northern caucasus mountains. During these days you will get acquainted of Georgian uniqe, Culture, History, Traditions,  Architecture and Cuisine.

Day 1: After arrival in Tbilisi International Airport, once you collect all your luggage and go to "Arrivals" Section of the Airport, our "Meeter" will meet you in the Airport holding a board with our Company Logo and your Name written on it. She or He will escort you to the vehicle and will take you to your hotel to Check-in to your room and rest for a day to get over the jetlag and gather strength until beginning your adventure.

Day 2: After Having a Breakfast in your hotel you will meet the Driver and Guide in your hotel lobby, The tour starts with Jvari Monastery (6th - 7th cc), the most important religious center and an architectural masterpiece of mediaeval Georgia. Enjoy breathtaking view from the church that stands proud over the city of Mtskheta overseeing the merging of two of the biggest rivers in Georgia, Mtkvari (Kura) and Aragvi. Passing through the famous souvenir market, Continue tour to the old Capital town of Georgia, - towards Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, Tour continues to Tbilisi with Metekhi church and the monument to King VakhtangGorgasali, the legendary founder of Tbilisi. Walk down to the Rike Park and Cross the Peace Bridge. Take cable car from Rike Park to Narikala Fortress to enjoy breathtaking panoramic view of the city and statue of Mother Georgia standing above the old Tbilisi. Walk down to the district of Sulphur baths passing by the only mosque in Tbilisi. Stroll through the Meidan Square area full of narrow streets with cozy cafés, wine tasting bars, souvenir shops, and breathe in the living past. After that you will head back to your hotel.

Day 3: After Having a Breakfast in your hotel, you will meet the Driver and Guide in your hotel lobby, and depart towards the Kakheti region of Georgia, the cradle of Georgian winemaking.

Our first stop will be in Bodbe monastery complex functioning as a nunnery since 1889, which according to the legend is a burial place of St. Nino, who converted Georgia to Christianity in the 4th century. Continue to Sighnaghi, the city of love and the Royal Town, one of the crossroads of the Great Silk Road surrounded by defensive walls with 23 towers. After that, you will head to Kvareli - Khareba winery: Kvareli is a town in northeastern in Kakheti Province, Georgia. Located in Alazani Valley, this is the center of the Kakhetian wine producing region and is home to the unique “Winery Khareba” wine cellar, used for ageing wine. Special facilities were created around the wine tunnel, a big recreational park, which includes the river and old Qvevries, as well as a Georgian water mill, traditional Georgian bakery “Tone”, a Chacha (grappa) distilling facility, a traditional Georgian Marani (wine cellar) with the Satsnakheli (Georgian traditional wooden grape press) and other cultural sites. Here you can take part in any kind of activities and also taste more than 30 varieties of the best wine produced locally, before departing back to your hotel in Tbilisi.

Day 4: After Having a Breakfast in your hotel, you will meet the Driver and Guide in your hotel lobby, the route will take over the Georgian Military Highway up North, towards the border with Russia. Your first stop will be Jhinvali Water reservoir created during the soviet era, promptly continuing to Ananuri complex, a former residence of Argveti Dukes. The complex features churches and towers dating back to the 16-17th centuries, beautifully overlooking the Jhinvali reservoir. Continue your drive to see the conjunction of two small mountain rivers famous for the fact that being different in color they still keep their own colors even after merge. Continuing on the way you will have a chance to taste the mineral mountain springs in Mleta after which you will drive over the Cross Pass to Gudauri Ski Resort, where you can enjoy the Winter Sports during winter or be more adventurous and experience Paragliding in every season with local professionals. Afterwards, We will then drive over the Cross Pass and make a short stop at the Soviet-era “People’s Friendship” mountain view point overlooking a deep gorge of Caucasus mountain range and on the way to Town of Stepantsminda (Kazbegi) we will pass by the beautiful Travertine in Kazbegi National Park. After arriving to Kazbegi, we will change our vehicle to a four-wheel drive car to reach Gergeti Holy Trinity Church located on altitude of 2170 meters, and enjoy breathtaking views of Mt Kazbegi before heading back to your hotel in Tbilisi.

Day 5: After Having a Breakfast in your hotel in Tbilisi you will check-out from your room, you will meet your Driver and Guide in your hotel lobby, and hit the Highway to the western part of Georgia passing through the Town of Gori, and going to an ancient rock-hewn town in middle of Georgia, called – “Uplistsikhe”. Built on a high rocky left bank of the Mtkvari River, it contains various structures dating from the Early Iron Age to the Late Middle Ages, in translation from Georgian “Uplistsikhe” means the fortress if the god and it certainly has that vibe and feeling to it, since this town have been resided by hermit monks for centuries. After having a tour in this mysterious ancient site, you will continue your trip to one of the western regions of Georgia – Imereti, which is famous for its cuisine, history, traditions, canyons, caves and beautiful Landscapes. Along the way you will have a tour in a beautiful Prometheus which offers exceptional experience for tourists, together with its underground lakes and rivers gives opportunity to feel the out of this world atmosphere. The caves features highlights and underground light system filled with LED lights. Here you will be able to experience breathtaking views of stalactites, stalagmites, petrified waterfalls, underground rivers and lakes of the cave.

Shortly after exploring the Mysteries of Prometheus Caves you will continue your way to Kutaisi, which is a largest and most important city of Imereti region and spend there a night in your hotel.

Day 6: Following day, after having a Breakfast in your hotel in Kutaisi you will check-out from  your room, meet your Driver and Guide in your hotel lobby and start a tour with a local tour of Kutaisi and explore the notable sightseeing places that the City has to offer. Tour will start from, Gelati Monastery which is enlisted in UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. Gelati is a one of the biggest Cathedrals in Georgia which has been an educational center of Georgia for centuries, therefore a number of murals and manuscripts are kept there, which date back to the 12th and 17th centuries. The Cathedral is depicting wonderful mosaics, icons and wall paintings and is a permanent residence of monks up to this date. Afterwards you will continue your tour to Bagrati Cathedral, a landmark of Georgian architecture. It was originally constructed in the 11th century but after Turkish invasion in the 17th century cathedral was left in ruins, however it was renovated recently. Besides its history and beauty you will get incredible panorama view of whole Kutaisi. Afterwards you will continue your tour to Martvili Canyon which offers a splendid and unique environment. It is 2400 m in length and 20-40 m in depth with a 12 meter high waterfall in the middle of the canyon. Here you will encounter fossilized bones of animals inhabiting the land in pre-historic era. Additionally, there are traces of primary human in several grotto of canyon. Once, serving as a bath place for royal Dadiani family, today Martvili Canyon attracts people by its spectacular view, sparkling waterfalls and vibrant green subtropical nature.

After exploring this hidden gem of Georgian landscape you will continue your way towards Black Sea and arrive in your hotel in Batumi, a modern and young summer city famous for its night life, where you will be spending the night.

Day 7: Next morning, after having a breakfast in your hotel, you will meet your Driver and Guide in the lobby and start a tour of Batumi to explore the notable sightseeing places that the city and a Region has to offer. First you will head to Batumi Botanical Garden which depicts majestic and charming nature of Adjara region. This piece of paradise has one of the widest varieties of flora from nine phyto-geographic areas. It hosts the rarest and most beautiful plant samples from all around the globe, including Japanese Sakura, Canary date palm, cactuses, bamboos, palm trees, magnolias, cypresses and many more. Later you will Get Back to the city and start a local tour of Batumi. Batumi is the largest city of region. An outstanding architecture of Batumi, its statues, palm trees, nature resorts, amusement parks, unique and stylish cafes, pubs, bars and night clubs create an amazing atmosphere in the whole City. The places you will visit includes Europe Square, where decorative, historical and modern buildings come together as one; Alphabetic Tower, which is a 130 meters high, modern steel sculpture shaped as DNA molecule and depicting unique Georgian alphabet; the sculpture of Ali and Nino, portraying the love story of young people from different cultural and religious backgrounds; Batumi Ferris Wheel, offering the panoramic view of the whole city, decorated with numerous light patterns which are illuminated at night; Piazza, located in historical district of the city where the narrow streets are covered in the cobble stones all around, along with local cafes, pubs and bars.

After getting acquainted with the city, you will be taken back to your hotel or any other place of your desire in the city to have an evening for your own exploration and leisure and the Guide and Driver will leave you until the following morning.

Day 8: After Having a Breakfast in your hotel in Batumi you will check out from your room, meet the Driver and Guide in your hotel lobby, and start your trip to the highest region of Georgia – Svaneti. This region is full of mysteries and beauties of nature, full of mountainous and picturesque landscapes. Besides the breathtaking scenery Svaneti has a unique culture, traditions, architecture and Language. On the curvy road of this region you will make several stops including Enguri Reservoir which has the world's second highest concrete arch dam. Afterwards you will continue your road and in about 5 hours from leaving Batumi, you will reach to Mestia, the biggest city and the municipal center of Svaneti region. There you will visit Svaneti Museum of History and Ethnography. It was founded in 1936 and it is one of the most significant museums in Georgia, expressing and sharing historical artifacts about the region and the rest of the country, such as medieval weaponry, unique icons and engravings, silver, iron and copper ornaments, jewelry, textile and ethnographic artifacts that tell the story of Svan lifestyle. Mestia has Around 175 defensive towers, which date between 9th-13th Centuries, survive until today. During history these towers were reflecting economic condition and social status of Svanish families, and their unique architecture and structure can be admired by visitors up to this date.

Afterwards you will be taken to your hotel in Mestia, check-in to your room and take a rest for the following day while enjoying the mysterious landscapes of Svaneti Mountains from your window.

Day 9: Next morning, after having a breakfast in your hotel in Mestia, you will meet your guide in your lobby and start a tour in the highest inhabited village in Europe, located 2,200 meters above sea level.

You will change your transportation to a four wheel drive off-road type vehicle to go to Ushguli since the road from Mestia to Ushguli is not paved and is a dirt road. Along the way you will make a stop in Ifari Village to visit a famous “Love Tower” linked to a tragic legend of love between two young people from different families that could never be together. Later you will continue your ride and reach Ushguli in about 3 hours after leaving Mestia. Entire village of Ushguli is enlisted in UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites and it is perfect example of Svan architecture. Next several hours you will be exploring this sacred place which remains untouched by the daily routine of the modern world.

Later in the evening you will drive back to Mestia at the end of the tour, get back to your hotel and rest for the following day.

Day 10: Next morning, after having a breakfast in your hotel in Mestia, you will check-out from your room and enjoy the last views of this amazing small city buried deep down in the mountains, before meeting your Driver and Guide in the hotel lobby and starting an 8 hour long road trip to Tbilisi.

Coming down from the heights of Svaneti Mountains you will be passing again through the Georgian towns of Zugdidi, Samtredia and Zestafoni, bypassing the beautiful Kutaisi, along the way you will be able to have a lunch break and rest from the tiring journey. Later you will pass through the town of Khashuri merging again with Georgia’s main E-60 Highway and bypassing the cities of Gori, Kaspi and Mtskheta you will finally reach back to the Capital City of Georgia - Tbilisi in the evening.

After reaching the city, you will be taken to your hotel in Tbilisi and check-in to your room, the guide and driver will leave you so that everyone can take a rest from a long journey and gather the strength for the next day.

Day 11: Depending on your flight schedule you will have a breakfast in your hotel and Check-out From your hotel room, by 12:00 PM at Afternoon at the latest. You can Leave your Luggage in your Hotel Lobby and roam around the city, buy souvenirs or spend free time as you will. 3 Hours Early before your Departure Flight the Driver will arrive at your hotel lobby, you will collect your luggage and he will take you to the Airport for your Departure Flight.

Day 1: - Arrival
Arrival to Tbilisi International Airport
Meet and Greet
Pick-up from the Airport
Transfer to your Hotel in Tbilisi
Check-in to your Room
Free Time
Night stay: Tbilisi
Day 2: - Tbilisi and Mtskheta
Breakfast in Hotel
Pick-up from Hotel
Jvari Monastery
Svetitskhoveli Cathedral
Mtskheta Old City Tour
Souvenir Market
Lunch Break
Trinity Church
Bridge of Peace
Metekhi Church
Narikala fortress (by Cable Car)
Statue of Mother Georgia
Abanotubani (Sulphur bath district)
Leghvtakhevi Waterfall
Night Stay: Tbilisi
Day 3: - Bodbe and Sighnaghi
Breakfast in Hotel
Pick-up from Hotel
Trip through Wine Region - Kakheti
Bodbe Monastery
City tour of Sighnaghi
Lunch Break
Traditional Georgian Winery
Trip back to Tbilisi
Drop-off to Hotel
Night Stay: Tbilisi
Day 4: - Ananuri and Kazbegi
Breakfast in Hotel
Pick-up from Hotel
Trip through Georgian Military Road
Jhinvali Water Reservoir
Ananuri Fortress
Merging of Black and White Aragvi Rivers
Gudauri Resort
Paragliding Spots
Soviet-Georgian Friendship Monument
Kazbegi Travertines
Town of Stepantsminda
Lunch Break
Gergeti Monastery
Trip Back to Tbilisi
Drop-off to Hotel
Night Stay: Tbilisi
Day 5: - Uplistsikhe and Prometheus Cave
Breakfast in Hotel
Check-out from your room
Pick-up from Hotel
Uplistsikhe Cave Town
Trip to Imereti Region
Lunch Break
Prometheus Caves
Drive to Kutaisi
Drop-off to Hotel
Check-in to your room
Night Stay: Kutaisi
Day 6: - Kutaisi, and Martvili Canyon
Breakfast in Hotel
Check-out from your room
Kutaisi Fountain
Gelati Monastery
Bagrati Cathedral
Lunch Break
Martvili Canyon
Drive to Batumi
Drop-off to Hotel
Check-in to your room
Night Stay: Batumi
Day 7: - Batumi and Botanical Garden 
Breakfast in Hotel
Check-out from your room
Pick-up from Hotel
Botanical Garden
Lunch Break
Europe Square
Alphabetic Tower
Statue of Medea
Statue of Ali and Nino
Batumi Ferris Wheel
Piazza Batumi
Drop-off to Hotel
Night Stay : Batumi
Day 8: - Svaneti and Mestia
Breakfast in Hotel
Check-out from your Room
Pick-up from hotel
Trip from Batumi to Svaneti
Enguri Water Reservoir
Arrival to Mestia
Lunch Break
Mestia Museum
Svanetian Towers
Drop-off to Hotel
Check-in to your Room
Night Stay: Mestia
Day 9: - Mestia and Ushguli 
Breakfast in Hotel
Pick-up from hotel
Change to Off-road Vehicle
Trip to Ushguli
Love tower of Ifari Village
Small Enguri River
Arrival to Ushguli
Lunch Break
Explore Ushguli by hiking
Ushguli Towers
Trip Back to Mestia
Drop-off to Hotel
Night Stay: Mestia
Day 10: - Mestia to Tbilisi Road Trip
Breakfast in Hotel in Mestia
Check-out from your room
Pick-up from hotel
Road Trip to Tbilisi
Lunch Break
Arrival to Tbilisi
Drop-off to Hotel
Check-in to your room
Night Stay: Tbilisi
Day 11: - Departure
Breakfast in Hotel
Check-out from your room
Leave Luggage in the Lobby
Free Time
Get Back to Hotel 3 Hours earlier before your Flight
Pick-up from the Hotel
Transfer to Tbilisi International Airport
Check-in for your Flights
tour inclusions
  • 3* Hotel for 5 Nights in Tbilisi
  • 3* Hotel for 1 Night in Kutaisi
  • 3* Hotel for 2 Nights in Batumi
  • 3* Hotel for 2 Nights in Mestia
  • Daily Breakfast
  • 2 Way Airport Transfers
  • English speaking Guide
  • Entrance Fees
  • Private Car Services
  • One free sim Card
  • Drinking water
  • Local Tax


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