East European University

EEU is a private university accredited in Georgia that strives to ensure implementation international educational standards in teaching and research. In 2012 EEU obtained authorization and programs’ accreditation from the Ministry of education and Science of Georgia, although EEU has started relatively recently, it is developing with a huge speed and from 2020 University is relocating to new high standard modern building. EEU offers English medium BBA and MBA programs in collaboration with Sunderland University (London, UK) and „Uniman“ - Academy of Management and Performance (Grenoble, France) and gives students unique opportunity to obtain British and French degree in Business Administration in Georgia


EEU offers high quality education at affordable relatively affordable costs:

Bachelors programs:

 English Medium Program of Pharmacy – 3500 USD
 English Medium Program of Medicine (MD) – 4500 USD
 English Medium Georgian-French program in Business Administration (BBA) – 4000
 English Medium Program of Dentistry – 5000 USD

 Master’s Program:

 English Program of Georgian-British program in Business Administration (MBA) –
 5000 £
 Note: Tuition fee listed above covers tuition of one academic year and Health Insurance